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What new opportunities will comprehensive electrification bring

Industry information
2023/11/08 10:00

From the application of sea, land and air, firstly, the electrification of land transportation is "pressing the acceleration button".

There are two drivers in the field of new energy vehicles: firstly, the penetration rate of passenger cars has increased significantly year by year, and the market has shifted from being driven by policies in the past to a new stage driven by the market today.

Secondly, the electrified vehicle models basically achieve full scene coverage, such as road passenger transportation, urban distribution, heavy-duty transportation, engineering machinery, and so on, where electrification can be seen. In terms of batteries, initially it was mainly dominated by China, Japan, and South Korea, but gradually China has been in a significant leading stage. In recent months, even if all the power batteries in the Chinese market are removed and only the overseas parts are considered, Ningde Times is still in the top position.

The traffic situation in the sea area is "pressing the start button". There are over 35 million global ships, but currently only 586 truly certified electric boats. In recent years, the shipping volume of marine lithium batteries is very large. For example, there are electric ships in the Yangtze River, the Pearl River, etc., and overseas Singapore and other places also want samples of marine batteries. Some institutions predict that the demand for lithium batteries for electric ships in China will exceed 11GWh by 2050.

The third is airspace, which can only be said to be 'prepared key pressed'. Recently, four ministries jointly released the "Outline for the Development of Green Aviation Manufacturing Industry", indicating the development path for the industry. Ningde Times released a new condensed state battery in the first half of this year, with a single energy density of 500Wh/kg. This battery achieves both high proportion and high safety of the battery. The drawback of this battery is its high cost, which is currently only suitable for the aviation industry. The company is currently collaborating on the development of civil electric vehicle projects. The standards and testing of the company's aircraft are carried out in accordance with their standards and also meet the requirements of the aircraft's guidelines. At present, the first sample has been successfully sent, and the second sample has been sent by the end of this year. From internal testing, there are no problems.