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Baijierui (Jing Men) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

  Baijierui (Jing Men) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hubei Baijierui Advanced Materials Corporation, located in chemical cycle industry zone of Jing Men city. In the early stage, our company mainly produces high purity grade Lithium Battery materials, and then later plans to establish the battery grade and basic Lithium Battery materials projects, and finally forms the complete Lithium Battery industry chain.
  The first stage, with total investment of RMB 150 million and the floor area of 100 mu, has built up and put into production in November,2017. Once into production, the high purity Lithium Battery materials project could manufacture 5000 tons high purity Lithium Carbonate, 2000tons high purity Lithium Fluoride,3000tons battery grade Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate, and reach annual output value of RMB 1.65 billion, and annual profit tax of RMB 198 million.
  Contact phone number: 0724-6055055
  Address: No.39, Xinghua Avenue, Duodao District, Jingmen City (Chemical Cycle Industry Park)
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