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Human Resources

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Administrative Personnel Department - Minister

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Hubei-Wuhan-Hongshan District
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2018/06/25 19:24
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  Job Responsibilities:
  1.Make overall plans for human resources and administrative management and formulate plans for human resource planning;
  2.Establish and improve human resources management and administrative management systems, and formulate and improve human resources and administrative management systems;
  3.Responsible for the management of human resources recruitment, performance, training, remuneration, and labor relations modules, participate in major corporate decisions, and provide advice and information support;
  4.Assist in supervising and controlling the performance evaluation process of various departments and continuously improve the performance management system;
  5.Responsible for the company's overall corporate culture construction;
  6.Responsible for the day-to-day affairs management of the department, assisting in the completion of the work assessment and incentives of the department, budgeting and controlling of the departmental funds, and other work arranged by the company.
  Job requirements:
  1.30-40 years old, full-time 211 college entrance examination and above, human resources, administrative management and other professional;
  2.Have at least 8 years of administrative and personnel management experience in large and medium-sized production enterprises, and more than 5 years experience in the same position;
  3.A systematic understanding and rich practical experience of modern enterprise human resource management models;
  4.Have an in-depth understanding of all functional modules of human resource management and can guide the work of each functional module;
  5.Familiar with the laws, regulations and policies of the country, region and enterprises on contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance benefits and benefits, training, etc.;
  6.Has the ability to solve complex problems; strong planning and implementation of the implementation of the ability;
  7.Strong incentives, communication, coordination, team leadership, responsibility, strong dedication.