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Power Tool Lithium Battery Market is On the Rise

Industry information
2022/03/15 10:00

Entering 2022, the market demand for power tool lithium batteries will continue to grow.
On March 7, Blue Lithium Core (002245) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Tianpeng Power had recently received order documents confirmed by Stanley Black & Decker.
The two parties confirmed that the supply of ternary cylindrical lithium batteries in 2022-2024 will be 120 million, 240 million and 280 million respectively. Among them, for 2022, it can be increased to a maximum of no more than 200 million after mutual agreement.
Coincidentally, Haistar Power's power tool lithium battery orders will also increase significantly in 2022. The company's current cylindrical lithium battery orders have covered the company's production plan for the first three quarters, and it is expected that the annual shipment will increase further.
In addition, the shipments of power tool lithium batteries from companies including Yiwei Lithium Energy, Changhong Energy, BAK Battery, Far East Battery, Penghui Energy and other companies will show varying degrees of growth in 2021, and are actively expanding production to meet the needs of The downstream market grows demand.
GGII statistics show that, driven by the growth of the global power tool market, the global power tool lithium battery shipments in 2021 will be 22GWh; it is predicted that the shipment scale will increase to 60GWh in 2026, which still has a 2.7 times growth space compared to 2021.

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