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BAK Battery's Fuzhou Production Base Was Put Into Operation

Industry information
2022/03/04 10:00

Recently, the Fuzhou production base, the third largest production base of BAK Battery in China, was officially completed and put into production, and the first batch of products were successfully rolled off the production line.
It is reported that the off-line products are LFP products with high cycle life, with ultra-long cycle life, high capacity density and good low temperature performance, and will be widely used in electric vehicles, UPS, BESS, telecommunications, yachts and other scenarios.
BAK Fuzhou production base is BAK's third full-process battery manufacturing plant in China that has been completed and put into operation. It was officially completed at the end of 2020 with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. The base plans to build a comprehensive building, production plants, warehouses, etc. with a total area of about 160,000 square meters. The production line construction adopts international advanced equipment, integrating automation and information management. The main business direction is energy storage and square lithium batteries for vehicles.
As an important part of the strategic layout of BAK's new energy industry chain, the commissioning has greatly improved the production capacity of BAK's prismatic battery products, marking that BAK has reached a new level of strategic layout and diversified development.
The logic behind the large-scale investment in the construction of the base is that with the rapid rise of the new energy market, the lithium iron phosphate industry has recovered and grown rapidly. At the same time, the subsidies for new energy vehicles have declined, and the cost-effective advantage of lithium iron phosphate batteries has become prominent, and the installed capacity has increased rapidly.

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