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Another power battery project officially put into operation

Industry information
2023/10/20 10:00

Recently, the first phase of Sichuan Tianjin New Energy Technology Company's annual production of 2 billion watt hours of lithium-ion power batteries and pack project was officially put into operation. The production of this project marks another important step for Shehong in its journey of "building a hundred billion industry and building a hundred billion park".

According to public information, Sichuan Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces lithium-ion power battery products. After settling in Shehong, the company will be committed to building an intelligent and digital power battery base that integrates office work, research and development, production, and sales; Equipped with internationally advanced equipment and advanced productivity.

The construction project covers an area of 206 acres, with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan. After being put into operation, it can achieve an annual production and sales capacity of 8 billion watt hours of new energy supply, with an annual output value of about 10 billion yuan.

Among them, the first phase of the project can achieve an annual production capacity of 2 billion watt hours of lithium-ion power batteries.

At present, Tianjin New Energy has established strategic cooperation relationships with more than 20 well-known domestic new energy vehicle enterprises, including Chery Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile, and Great Wall Motors, with broad market prospects.