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Three major trends in fast charging batteries

Industry information
2023/09/15 10:00

With fast charging technology becoming one of the breakthroughs in solving the convenience of electric vehicle charging, battery companies have increased their layout, which has also promoted the continuous iteration and updating of fast charging battery technology products. Gaogong Lithium Battery has observed that there are currently three main trends in product performance, technology path, and market layout of fast charging batteries.

Firstly, in order to address the energy replenishment anxiety of terminal demand, multiple battery companies have increased the charging rate to reduce charging time. From the product layout of battery companies, the future trend of 4C+fast charging may become mainstream. The improvement of charging rate has put forward higher requirements for the internal resistance of battery cells and the thermal management system of batteries. On the one hand, the lower the internal resistance, the better, which can reduce the heating of the battery cell; On the other hand, the battery pack thermal management system needs to be particularly excellent, which can maximize the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Secondly, as battery companies continue to upgrade their technology and iterate their products, fast charging batteries will be equipped with more different types and price models. Although many companies are currently promoting super fast charging batteries, under cost pressure, super fast charging is suitable for mid to high-end vehicles priced above 250000 yuan. With the gradual rise of iron lithium series fast charging batteries and the reduction of battery costs, this will achieve the matching of fast charging batteries in lower priced vehicle models.

Thirdly, as the new energy vehicle market and the power battery market both enter a stage of intense competition, fast charging batteries are undergoing mass production and installation acceleration. Since 2023, the super fast charging solution of "charging for 5 minutes and driving range of 200km" has been intensively loaded and equipped. On the one hand, new car manufacturers led by "Wei Xiaoli" have introduced fast charging as standard equipment for their models. On the other hand, some companies' fast charging batteries are also about to enter mass production.