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Lithium Manganate

Industry information
2023/08/04 10:00

Lithium manganate is a Inorganic compound, usually spinel phase, black gray powder, easily soluble in water. Spinel lithium manganate is the cathode material with three-dimensional lithium Ion channel first prepared by Hunter in 1981. It has good multiplying power performance, voltage platform up to about 4V, high thermal stability, good safety performance, more stable material structure than layered materials, and better cycling performance (up to 1000~2000 cycles).

Compared with other cathode materials, lithium manganate does not contain elements such as Ni and Co, and its cost is cheaper than ternary materials and lithium cobalate. Compared with Lithium iron phosphate, although its specific capacity is lower, its voltage platform is higher, and its specific weight energy is similar, but lithium manganate has higher compaction density, and its specific volume energy is more advantageous than Lithium iron phosphate.

Lithium manganese oxide is mainly used in the manufacturing of positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones, laptops, and other portable electronic devices, and can also be mixed into ternary materials.

At present, the main production areas of lithium manganese oxide in China are Guizhou, Jiangxi, Tibet, Guangxi, and other regions.

According to statistics, the domestic shipment volume of lithium manganese oxide in 2022 is about 65700 tons, and the overall operating rate of the lithium manganese oxide industry is insufficient.

At present, the main domestic manufacturers of lithium manganese oxide include Boshi High Tech, Xinxiang Hongli, Southern Manganese Industry, Jiaozuo Companion, Qianyun High Tech, Guizhou Best, Xinxiang Zhongtian, Guangxi Lijin, Hunan Haili, Hunan Xinda, etc.