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Lithium carbonate market continued to decline

Industry information
2023/07/18 10:00

SMM News on July 17th:

SMM battery grade Lithium carbonate index was 300500 yuan/ton, down 2700 yuan/ton month on month from the previous working day; Battery grade Lithium carbonate was 295000-30600 yuan/ton, down 3000 yuan/ton month on month from the previous working day; Industrial Lithium carbonate was 282000-29100 yuan/ton, down 3500 yuan/ton month on month. Due to the increasing supply in the market and the weak demand for downstream replenishment, the willingness to accept high lithium prices is not strong, and the market supply and demand game is maintained. In addition, due to the power issue in Sichuan at the end of the month, which will have a certain impact on the production of iron and lithium, there may be a brief decline in lithium salt demand at that time. Therefore, some companies with inventory are under pressure to lower their quotations.