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New EU Battery Regulations

Industry information
2023/06/16 10:00

The main planned measures include:

1. Mandatory Carbon footprint statements and labels for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, light vehicle batteries (LMT, such as scooters and electric bicycles) and industrial rechargeable batteries with a capacity greater than 2 kWh;

2. Design portable batteries that are easy for consumers to disassemble and replace;

3. Digital battery passports for LMT batteries, industrial batteries with a capacity greater than 2kWh, and electric vehicle batteries;

4. Conduct due diligence on all economic operators, except for small and medium-sized enterprises;

5. More stringent waste collection targets: for portable batteries -45% by 2023, 63% by 2027, and 73% by 2030; For LMT batteries -51% by 2028 and 61% by 2031;

6. The minimum level of material recovery from battery waste: lithium -50% by 2027 and 80% by 2031; Cobalt, copper, lead, and nickel -90% by 2027 and 95% by 2031;

7. The minimum content for recycling new batteries from manufacturing and consumer waste: 8 years after the regulations come into effect - cobalt 16%, lead 85%, lithium 6%, nickel 6%; 13 years after the regulations come into effect: cobalt 26%, lead 85%, lithium 12%, nickel 15%.