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Analysis on the falling price of domestic lithium carbonate market

Industry information
2023/02/21 10:00

After the Spring Festival, the domestic lithium carbonate market price continued to fall. According to the data of Xinluo Information, as of February 15, the mainstream price of domestic electric carbon (non salt lake) has dropped to about 450000 yuan/ton, and a few traders have been forced by inventory pressure, and the price has dropped to 43-440000 yuan; The mainstream price of industrial carbon was reduced to 40-410000 yuan/ton.
It should be said that the sharp correction of lithium carbonate price this round is mainly caused by three factors:
First of all, there was excessive speculation in the early stage. The highest price was nearly twice as high as that at the beginning of 2022, resulting in many downstream losses and production stoppages, which was more prominent in lithium manganate enterprises.
Secondly, lithium salt, cathode material, battery factory and automobile factory are accelerating the distribution of lithium resources, and the lithium recovery industry is steadily advancing, and the supply of lithium resources is expected to start to improve.
The last trigger was the decline of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, which offset the overdraft demand in advance, resulting in weaker car sales in the off-season. Downstream manufacturers have limited production and stopped production, which has a great impact on the demand for lithium carbonate market, and the inventory pressure of lithium salt plants and traders has increased.

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