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LG New Energy won another 19GWh battery order!

Industry information
2023/02/07 10:00

It was reported that LG Energy announced on February 2 that it had signed a supply agreement with FEPS, a battery manufacturing and marketing company, to supply 19GWh batteries to the company from 2024.
It is reported that after receiving the batteries from LG Energy, FEPS will reassemble them into packages and sell them to North American electric utility and electric truck companies.
LG New Energy is currently promoting its overseas expansion. The company has successively established joint ventures and factories with GM, Stellantis, Honda and other auto companies.
The capacity of LG New Energy will be 200GWh in 2022 and is expected to reach 540GWh by 2025. The company plans to increase the capacity of 20GWh in Europe and 40GWh in Asia.
The main customers of LG New Energy include Tesla, General Motors, Volkswagen and other auto companies. By the end of last year, the company's orders in hand amounted to 385 trillion won (about 2.1 trillion yuan).

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