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Market quotation of lithium carbonate in one week

Industry information
2023/01/10 10:00

The domestic lithium carbonate price continued to fall this week, mainly due to the impact of the Spring Festival overhaul of battery plants and the reduction of stock demand, which led to an increase in market pessimism. As of this Friday, the mainstream quotation of industrial lithium carbonate in the market was 468-48800 yuan/ton, down 12000 yuan/ton compared with last week's price, the price of battery grade lithium carbonate was 488-50800 yuan/ton, down 22000 yuan/ton compared with last week's price, the price of lithium hydroxide (coarse particles) was 513-502300 yuan/ton, down 12000 yuan/ton compared with last week's price, and the price of lithium hydroxide (micro powder) was 523-53.3 yuan/ton down 12000 yuan/ton compared with last week's price. In terms of supply, the end of the year is the traditional slack season for lithium carbonate. Affected by the low temperature weather, Qinghai entered the slack season for production. The output of lithium extraction from the salt lake continued to decline. Mine end manufacturers basically started normally. Some manufacturers are under pressure to deliver early orders, and the overall market supply is still tight. In terms of demand, downstream demand is weak around the Spring Festival. Some material and battery manufacturers have significantly lowered their production scheduling expectations in January, and have planned to take a holiday in advance for annual maintenance. At present, lithium carbonate is in a downward trend. Most downstream manufacturers have the mentality of buying up rather than buying down. The overall market transaction is cold. A small number of low price spot transactions continue to drive the market price downward. It is expected that the short-term lithium carbonate price will continue to be weak.

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