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5 billion invested in the construction of silicon-based negative electrodes! 60 billion lithium battery subdivision leading enlargement move

Industry information
2022/07/05 09:56

On June 27, Shanshan Co., Ltd. announced that Shanghai Shanshan Lithium Battery Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, plans to build an integrated base project of silicon-based anode materials for lithium-ion batteries with an annual output of 40,000 tons. The total planned investment of the project is about 5 billion yuan.


The project is constructed in two phases. The planned annual production capacity of the first phase is 10,000 tons. The construction period is expected to be 12 months (starting from the date of obtaining the construction permit and is expected to start at the end of 2022). The planned annual production capacity of the second phase is 30,000 tons. The construction period is expected to 12 months (from the time of obtaining the construction permit, construction is expected to start by the end of 2024).

Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996. It is the first listed company in China's garment industry.


The company took the lead in the lithium-ion battery anode material industry in 1999, and began to transform into the new energy industry by laying out cathode materials and lithium battery materials such as electrolytes. At present, Shanshan Co., Ltd. has been in the leading position in the global lithium battery anode materials and polarizer industry. status.

Based on the market demand for high-energy fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, since 2021, silicon-based anode material technology has accelerated breakthroughs, and has been applied in batches in high-end 3C digital, power tools, large cylindrical batteries and long-life fast-charging models.

At present, the only companies in China that have truly achieved mass production and batch supply of silicon-based anodes are Shanshan and Beterui, the two "leaders of anodes".

And Putailai, Shidashenghua, Xiangfenghua, Sibao Technology and other companies are in the layout, pilot or R&D stage.

The silicon-based anode of Shanshan Co., Ltd. is mainly silicon oxide, and the product has been applied in batches in 3C digital and high-end power tools, and has entered the stage of sample delivery certification in the field of power battery applications.

Putailai's silicon carbon anode materials are currently mainly used in soft pack batteries and prismatic batteries, and a certain number of pilot products are used in client applications.

The 1,000-ton silicon-based anode of Shidashenghua Phase I has entered the trial production stage and is expected to be shipped in batches in the second half of this year. The company has also planned a 20,000-ton silicon-based anode production line, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in December 2023.

Xiangfenghua's silicon carbon anode material products are currently in the pilot stage and have the conditions for industrialization; the pilot project of the silicon carbide anode project of Xin'an Co., Ltd. has completed the equipment installation and entered the pre-production preparation stage.

Sibao Technology's silicon carbon anode material has passed the evaluation of several battery manufacturers and has achieved small batch supply. In November 2021, it was announced that a 10,000-ton/year silicon-carbon anode material project for lithium batteries will be built, and the production capacity will be increased from 50 tons to 10,000 tons. ton level; Gelong's new material silicon carbon composite anode has passed customer certification and has reached the stage of mass production.

In the context of the rapid development of the downstream new energy vehicle industry, consumers have higher expectations for major indicators such as lithium-ion battery energy density, fast charging performance, and economy.

Major countries in the world also attach great importance to the development of high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries and have issued corresponding plans.

Silicon-based anode materials combine the advantages of high conductivity and stability of carbon materials and high capacity of silicon materials, and are currently the most potential anode materials, which are in line with the future development direction of the lithium-ion battery industry.

This project of Shanshan Co., Ltd. also complies with the future development direction of new energy vehicle industry technology upgrading, and is in line with the company's strategic positioning to continue to lead the development of the anode material industry.

After the completion of the project, it will help the company to fully meet the new needs of customers and further consolidate the company's leading position in the industry.

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