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Tinci Materials Builds Global Electrolyte Zero-Carbon Factory

Industry information
2022/07/05 09:56

Tinci Materials' global electrolyte zero-carbon factory starts construction.


On the morning of June 28, the groundbreaking ceremony of Sichuan Tianci Meishan Base (global electrolyte zero-carbon factory) was held in Sichuan Pengshan Economic Development Zone.

It is reported that after the project is completed, it will become a domestic first-class and world-leading lithium battery electrolyte and battery recycling production base, and strive to build the latest generation of zero-carbon factories that are safe, green, efficient and intelligent.

Samsung 4680 battery planning details exposed, Japanese and South Korean giants run into the market, or become the starting point of industrialization next year.

According to TheElec, Samsung SDI plans to build a new 4680 battery production line to supply Tesla.

At present, Samsung SDI has established a battery testing production line in Cheonan, and the related testing work will be completed by the end of this year.

According to the latest news, if the acceptance result is successful, Samsung SDI will plan to invest in a mass production line in Malaysia next year. This is the first time that Samsung SDI has disclosed a specific 4680 cylindrical battery plan.

GAC released super-energy iron-lithium battery.

On June 28, on the 2022 GAC Technology Day, GAC Group released a new generation of super-energy lithium iron battery technology (SmLFP) based on microcrystalline technology. Compared with the current mass-produced lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market, the quality and energy density of super-power lithium iron batteries will increase by 13.5%, the volume energy density will increase by 20%, and the low temperature capacity at -20°C will increase by about 10%. When it reaches 2C or more, the power battery life can reach more than 1.5 million kilometers (>4000 cycles@80%), which effectively solves the technical problem of "balanced performance" of lithium batteries.


Six departments: By 2025, the energy consumption per unit of added value of industrial enterprises above designated size will decrease by 13.5% compared with 2020.

Six departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology today issued a notice on the issuance of an action plan for industrial energy efficiency improvement. The plan proposes that by 2025, the energy efficiency of key industrial industries will be improved in an all-round way, the energy efficiency of key products in the iron and steel, petrochemical, non-ferrous metals, building materials and other industries will reach the international advanced level, and the energy consumption per unit of added value of industrial enterprises above designated size will be reduced by 13.5% compared with 2020.

The penetration rate of domestic new energy vehicles has increased faster than expected, and the sales forecast has been continuously raised.

Yu Qingjiao, secretary general of the Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance and chairman of the Battery 100 Association, said that from January to May this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in my country have exceeded 2 million.

Policies stimulate the release of superimposed demand. The performance of the new energy vehicle market in the second half of the year is expected to be better than that in the first half of the year. This year, the domestic sales of new energy vehicles are expected to be between 6.2 million and 6.4 million, and the world is expected to sprint to 10 million.

Guoxuan battery starts the pace of "Made in Europe" 18GWh production base is expected to be renovated by the end of this year.

Vision Holdings, with a total market value of over 6 billion yuan, announced in the evening that it expects a net profit of 75 million yuan to 85 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 196.79%-236.37%.

The company's net profit in the first quarter was 11.71 million yuan. Based on this calculation, the net profit in the second quarter is expected to be 63.29 million yuan to 73.29 million yuan, an increase of 440%-525% from the previous month.

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