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What is the impact of a battery factory announcing the production of new 4690 batteries?

Industry information
2022/07/01 09:56

Britishvolt, a British electric vehicle battery research and manufacturing company, announced that they will develop a new 4690 cylindrical ternary lithium battery cell. According to Britishvolt, the new 4690 battery will have a profound impact on the electric vehicle industry, significantly reduce carbon footprint, and have competitive cost-effective performance, will help expand the entire electric vehicle ecosystem.


Britishvolt said that in the future, electric vehicle batteries will develop towards "large-scale", and the 4690 battery is the most potential solution at present; the 4690 battery is larger than the existing Britishvolt's 21700 battery, and of course, it has more internal electrical energy.


From the perspective of vehicle batteries, whether it is a module or a Cell to Pack structure, the battery cell is the unit that constitutes the basic electrical energy storage. From the perspective of cylindrical battery cells, if the volume of a single battery increases and the total energy remains unchanged, the use of shell and other materials can be reduced, which has the advantages of reducing weight and cost.


At present, the prototype of the new 4690 battery has been sent for testing. If there are no problems, it will be mass-produced at the factory in the Midlands region of the United Kingdom. In terms of production, Britishvolt has not disclosed further. According to Britishvolt's plan, the produced batteries will be supplied for local electric vehicles in the UK and Europe.

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