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Haichen Energy Storage 15GWh Smart Factory Put Into Operation

Industry information
2022/05/31 10:00

On May 29, Xiamen Haichen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Haichen Energy Storage") completed the delivery of the M1 smart factory of the first phase of the lithium battery intelligent manufacturing project and started production.


The overall layout of the plant is 5 lithium battery manufacturing production lines, with an annual production capacity of 15GWh. Haichen Energy Storage said that the project is an important capacity support for the company in 2022 and provides a strong guarantee for the delivery of subsequent market orders.


On March 15th, the first batch of production equipment entered the project; on May 15th, trial production was carried out as scheduled; on May 28th, the first batch of trial production cells went off the assembly line smoothly. Haichen Energy Storage once again ran out of Haichen speed with the attitude of pioneering cattle, actively promoted the project construction, and quickly completed the M1 smart factory from the start of construction to the trial production of the production line.


Gaogong Lithium Battery learned that the M1 smart factory has a large scale and high construction standards, and has greatly improved the design of production line software and hardware. At the same time, through the automatic configuration of production lines and the improvement of production processes, breakthroughs have also been made in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction.


Among them, the lithium battery high-speed manufacturing production line has been deployed, and the production efficiency has been increased by more than 30%. From the previous process of stirring, coating, baking to negative pressure formation and laser welding and other links have been optimized and improved. For example, in the mixing process, the capacity of a single tank has been increased by 100% compared with the past, and the quality of the cells is guaranteed from the underlying materials, laying a good foundation for the delivery of the core product 280Ah cells.


In terms of production line automation, the M1 smart factory has introduced unmanned logistics and intelligent warehousing systems and automatic sorting and packaging robots jointly developed with partners. The number of employees per production line has been reduced by more than 40 people compared with the past; the entire production process has more than 3,000 key points for online monitoring of real-time data, and the factory's smart attributes are prominent.


It is worth mentioning that on June 1, Haichen Energy Storage will also hold the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of the lithium battery project, which covers an area of more than 200 acres and has a planned annual production capacity of 30GWh. The construction is expected to be completed in 2023.


Haichen Energy Storage said that in the next stage, the company will benchmark the "Lighthouse Factory", benchmark extreme manufacturing, industry-leading equipment, processes and technologies, and move towards the goal of realizing the world's first brand of energy storage batteries.

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