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Many Companies "Target" Solid-State Batteries

Industry information
2022/05/20 10:00

The new energy market is developing rapidly, and solid-state batteries are increasingly favored by the market.

Recently, SOLiTHOR, a spin-off company of IMEC, completed a seed round of financing of 10 million euros (about 71.115 million yuan), which was mainly used to develop a new disruptive solid-state battery technology.

SOLiTHOR is a partner of Energyville, the European energy R&D and innovation center, and a newly spun-off company from IMEC focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing innovative solid-state lithium (Li) battery technologies to provide high-energy storage solutions.

Coincidentally, Ganfeng Lithium recently disclosed that the planned 2GWh first-generation solid-state battery capacity is expected to be gradually released this year.

The new energy vehicle market is developing rapidly, and the requirements for power battery rate, low temperature, fast charging and energy density are constantly increasing.

The investment in solid-state batteries accelerates the commercialization of solid-state batteries.

For example, Chongqing Tailan New Energy Co., Ltd., a solid-state lithium-ion battery start-up company, is building a 200MWh new-generation high-energy-specific solid-state lithium battery automated production line in Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. It is expected to be officially completed and put into production in September 2022.

Solid-state battery company Enli Power mainly trial-produces soft-pack batteries with a single cell capacity of 10Ah (10000mAh) or more, and is committed to realizing the industrialization and commercialization of ultra-high specific energy lithium metal batteries as soon as possible. Recently, it announced that it has completed the A round of over 100 million yuan. financing.

High-energy era, a solid-state lithium battery company, has received investment from Tongchuangweiye, Xinwangda, Zhongjin Chuanyu Phoenix Fund, Zhuhai High-tech Venture Capital and other institutions. The funds are mainly used to accelerate the product layout, technology research and development, and talent introduction of all-solid-state batteries in the high-energy era. .

Propower Technology and Taiwanese electric motorcycle company Gogoro have reached a cooperation. The two parties plan to jointly develop the world's first battery-swappable solid-state battery for electric two-wheelers, and plan to gradually enter mass production in the next 3 to 4 years; Invested by Posco Holdings, the two parties plan to cooperate in the development and manufacture of negative electrode, positive electrode and solid electrolyte materials that meet the requirements of Propower Technology's solid-state battery.

In addition, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Stellantis, Ford, GM, Hyundai and other international OEMs are also actively investing in solid-state battery start-ups to accelerate the commercialization of solid-state batteries through joint development. At the same time, it provides funds to help the invested solid-state battery companies to build factories and expand production capacity, and actively test their solid-state battery samples.

It is worth mentioning that, taking into account factors such as technology, cost, and testing period, the industry expects that the time for commercialization of solid-state batteries will be 2025-2030.

Before that, the hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte battery (semi-solid-state battery) is compatible with most materials, equipment and processes of liquid lithium batteries, and comprehensively balances the performance of safety, energy density, power density, cycle life, high and low temperature, and is expected to be the first to achieve commercial change.

For example, NIO has reached a cooperation with Weilan New Energy, and plans to launch a hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte battery with a battery life of 1000km on a single charge based on the NIO ET7 model, with a battery pack capacity of 150KWh and an energy density of 360Wh/kg; Dongfeng Motor is the first to release

Aeolus E70, an electric vehicle equipped with Ganfeng lithium-electric hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte lithium battery; 24M, an American semi-solid battery research and development company, has delivered commercial semi-solid lithium batteries with an energy density exceeding 280Wh/kg to an unnamed partner.

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