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Lithium Battery Industry Chain "Group Together" to Grab Lithium

Industry information
2022/05/17 10:00

Recently, the lithium battery industry chain has frequently launched the "group" mode to grab lithium.


On May 9, China Innovation Airlines and Tianqi Lithium signed two cooperation agreements.


The first is to sign the "Strategic Partnership Agreement" with Tianqi Lithium Industry to jointly carry out joint investment and R&D cooperation in the fields of resource development, lithium salt processing, new material development, battery module production, battery cell production, resource recycling, ESG projects and other fields


The second is to sign a lithium carbonate supply framework agreement with Chengdu Tianqi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianqi Lithium Industry, to lock in lithium salt resources.


On the same day, Shengxin Lithium Energy signed strategic cooperation agreements with China Mining Resources and Lanxiao Technology.


Shengxin Lithium Energy and China Mining Resources plan to set up a joint venture company in Zimbabwe, each holding 50% of the shares. The two parties will continue to look for other lithium mining projects in Zimbabwe, and accelerate the development of Zimbabwe's mid- to early-stage lithium mining rights projects.


The cooperation between Shengxin Lithium Energy and Lanxiao Technology will mainly focus on project planning, process consulting, engineering design, procurement, equipment manufacturing and other fields in the field of lithium resources industry.


Coincidentally, Guoxuan Hi-Tech also recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Argentine energy and mining company JEMSE online. The two parties decided to carry out all-round strategic cooperation on the guarantee of local lithium ore resources, the construction of lithium carbonate refinery, and downstream business expansion.


Whether it is the downstream and upstream cooperation between China Innovation Aviation and Tianqi Lithium, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and JEMSE, or the midstream cooperation between Shengxin Lithium Energy and China Mining Resources and Lanxiao Technology, they are all related to the development and supply of lithium resources. . The reason why the cooperation is concentrated in the recent period is:


On the one hand, the loosening of lithium salt prices has spawned a window period for industry cooperation. Affected by the seasonal increase in domestic salt lake production in April and the impact of repeated epidemics on demand expectations, the weakening of downstream purchasing enthusiasm has led to a continuous decline in lithium salt prices.


Since April, lithium salt prices have continued to decline. As of May 13, the spot price of battery-grade lithium carbonate was 460,000 yuan/ton, which continued to fall from the previous high of 500,000/ton.


On the other hand, to prepare in advance for the increase in production capacity in the second half of the year. According to the cooperation agreement between China Innovation Aviation and Tianqi Lithium Industry, from June to December 2022, Chengdu Tianqi will sell battery-grade lithium carbonate to China Innovation Aviation according to the quantity agreed in the agreement.


From the perspective of supply and demand, the supply of lithium salts will still be in a tight balance in the next 1-2 years, and it has become an important operation for some lithium battery companies to lock the volume and price in advance while the short-term price declines.


Next, the cooperation in the lithium battery industry chain "holding together" to maintain stable lithium prices and lithium salt supply may be further accelerated.

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