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Lyric Robot's High-Speed Cutting and Stacking Machine Welcomes the Peak of Orders

Industry information
2022/04/26 10:00

With the increasing demand for new energy vehicles, the global expansion of lithium battery production is hot, releasing huge demand for lithium battery equipment procurement. With the support of continuous orders, Lyric Robot's equipment contracts increased significantly. Among them, the number of contracts for cutting and stacking machines in the first quarter increased significantly compared with the past, and it is expected that it will continue to maintain a strong sales trend in 2022. In line with market demand, Lyric Robot’s high-speed lamination machine can achieve a lamination speed of 0.15s/pcs; the high-speed lamination process adopted is an innovative change made by Lyric Robot on the traditional lamination process, which greatly Improved production efficiency.
At this stage, this process has been applied to square aluminum shell cells. At the same time, Lyric Robot’s team is actively developing the ultra-high-speed lamination process of 0.125s/pcs for the whole machine, which is expected to fundamentally solve the efficiency problem of lamination process, even comparable to shoulder roll around process efficiency. Lyric Robot has also made a major breakthrough in the laser high-speed production technology of positive plates, achieving a cutting speed of the m/s level, effectively reducing the production loss and maintenance costs of the positive plates, and greatly improving the product quality. It is reported that in the production process of laminated batteries, mechanical cutting is now commonly used, which has the problems of poor compatibility, easy tool wear and high maintenance costs. The high-speed laser cutting technology of lithium battery cathode plate is a technological breakthrough made by Lyric Robot in the traditional production process.