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About Us

Key words:
  Hubei Baijierui Advanced Materials Corporation, built up in 2008,focuses on R&D, manufacture and marketing of all kinds of Lithium Salts, Cesium Salts, Rubidium Salts and such rare Alkali metal products. We have been one important enterprise to realize large-scale production and marketing such products of this field at home and abroad. BJR has been identified as the “High & New Tech Enterprise” in 11, 2012; and successfully listed in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations), (with the stock name: BJR, and stock code: 831933).
  BJR has accumulated numbers of senior experts who has been working in Lithium, Cesium Rubidium's R&D and industrial production for a long time; has the advanced high purity powder materials manufacturing platform of lithium, cesium and rubidium to make sure we could provide the high quality and various series products, at the same time, also could provide each level of product's research, develop and production according to clients' special requirement. Now our main products are High purity Lithium Carbonate, High purity Lithium Fluoride, Battery grade Lithium Hydroxide, Battery grade Lithium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Battery grade Lithium Oxalate, Cesium Carbonate, Rubidium Carbonate and so on. Currently we have 14 independent intellectual property invention patents, and more than 20 items of self-owned technology.
  According to BJR's development strategy plan, it will form three manufacturing bases and one headquarter center in 2022, as follows: Jingmen manufacturing base of High purity Lithium Salts, Battery grade Lithium Salts and Precursor material, with production capacity of 100 thousand tons and output value of RMB 10 billion; Wuhan Chemical Industry park manufacturing of cathode materials, with production capacity of 50 thousand tons, and output value of RMB 10 billion; Linjiang raw ore treatment base, with production capacity of 500 thousand lithium concentrate, and output value of RMB 3 billion. Entering the first echelon of the Lithium Salts Global Manufacturers.
  Wuhan manufacturing base, located in the chemical industry park, Qingshan district, Wuhan city, with planning floor area of 124mu, is the company Headquarter. It plans to build a state-level Lithium Salts R&D center, a national Lithium Salts engineering center, and a Lithium Battery material high-end product intelligent manufacturing center, which is currently under preparation. We insist to establish R&D, technology, and engineering consortium with universities, institutes, and strategic cooperation customers, and continuously to maintain the core competitiveness of BJR in this field.
  Jingmen manufacturing base, located in chemical cycle industry zone , Jing Men city, Hubei province, with planning floor area of 328mu, will be constructed up into three stages. The first stage has been invested into RMB 150 million, where it has four workshops, public works and supporting facilities, one building for office, analysis and R&D, one building for staff dormitory and living service area, with total floor area of 100mu. There could annually produce 2000 tons High purity Lithium Fluoride, 5000tons High purity Lithium Carbonate, 500tons various Lithium Salts and Cesium Salts, and 3000tons Industry grade Lithium Carbonate.
  The second stage of Jingmen manufacturing base plans to invest RMB 300 million, with the floor area of 100mu, where it could annually produce 5000tons Industry grade Lithium Carbonate, 5000tons Battery grade Lithium Hydroxide and 5000tons Battery grade Lithium Carbonate. We will construct the transformation leaching workshop, integrated liquid preparation workshop, frozen liquid preparation workshop, Lithium Carbonate workshop, Lithium Hydroxide workshop, Sodium Sulfate workshop, raw material warehouse, slag shed and supporting public works. and plan to put into production in December, 2018.
  The third of Jingmen manufacturing base has the planned floor area of 128 mu, and designed production capacity of annual 10 thousand tons Battery grade Lithium Carbonate and 15 thousand tons Battery grade Lithium Hydroxide. It will take the opportunity to start construction in 2019, put into reach production in 2020.