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Human Resources

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Finance Minister

Working place:
Hubei-Wuhan-Hongshan District
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Release time:
2018/06/25 19:25
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Post description:
  Job Responsibilities:
  1.Take full responsibility for the financial management of the Jingmen subsidiary;
  2.Responsible for new project project accounting and contract approval;
  3.Organize financial management systems and rules and supervise their implementation;
  4.Organize accounting according to requirements, and submit various reports and analysis reports to provide basis for management decision-making and performance evaluation; planning, reasonable tax avoidance;
  6.Responsible for subsidiary financing business;
  7.Other temporary work and coordination work.
  Job requirements:
  1.Bachelor degree, 28-38 years old, 5 years working experience,
  2.There is cost accounting, engineering project accounting, public company chief accounting above experience is preferred;
  3.have a higher professional qualities, can adapt to overtime and occasional business trips, can independently account for Jingmen company accounting and management.