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Board Office - Securities Representative

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Hubei-Wuhan-Hongshan District
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2018/06/25 19:21
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  Job Responsibilities:
  1.Responsible for the day-to-day contact of investors, shareholders, directors, and supervisors, responsible for collating and providing information;
  2.Responsible for organizing the preparation of the company's three conferences and drafting of relevant documents, preparing and keeping the documents and records of the meeting;
  3.Responsible for organizing the information disclosure affairs of listed companies to ensure that the disclosure of information of listed companies complies with relevant regulations of the Exchange;
  4.Coordinating communication and liaison between the company and securities regulatory agencies, investors, securities service agencies, and the media;
  5.Assist the chief secretary in completing equity financing.
  Job requirements:
  1.Full-time education and bachelor degree or above, legal, financial and financial related majors, and more than 3 years working experience in securities affairs;
  2.Having working experience in planning preparation for corporate listing, familiar with the operation mode of domestic capital market and relevant policies and regulations;
  3.Securities trading experience of listed companies, new-three listed companies, securities companies, and investment companies is preferred.